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Z3 Summer Slimmer Cleanse



Shape Your Beach Bod Like a Demi-God

Our Summer Slimmer Cleanse will transform your waste line with detox teas, plant mylk smoothies, living organic juices and delicious salads with seasonal vinaigrettes.

SKU Z3 - Slimmer Cleanse


Beat the bloat before the summer or just after you return from vacation with this delicious juice and salad weight loss cleanse is easy to do. All you have to do is drink, drink, drink all day and crunch for dinner your way to a slimmer, happier more loving you.

Try our Summer Slimmer Cleanse and transform into a shapelier, more confident you.

Daily Structure:

1 Detox Tea: Drink 1/2 for Breakfast or 1/2 after Dinner

1 Alkalizing Green Juice: Drink in the Morning

1 Smoothie: Drink for Lunch

1/2 quart Red Juice: Drink in the Afternoon

1 Farm Fresh Salad: Enjoy for Dinner

Client Testimonials:

Leticia Robles
2 months ago
‘Chef Jenny customized the meals and juices for our our 7 day detox. The food was delicious, The smoothies taste incredible, the the beet juice was one of my favorite. I lost 7 pounds. My Fiancé lost 8 pounds and loved the food so much that we have continued to order the different foods that Chef Jenny offers. Thank You Earthy Juices. I highly recommend the food, juices, and smoothies.”

Deb B.
4 years ago
“I’ve been building up to turning my life around for the last few weeks. With the kick in the butt that these last few days has provided, I will be better able to stay with a healthy program and have a green smoothie for breakfast and eat whole (real) food for the other meals. I can’t believe I lost 11 pounds in just 5 days – I am ecstatic. God bless you both for fighting the good fight to help us repair and protect this gift of the human body. Thanks so much!”


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1 Day @ $60.00, 3 Days @ $180.00, 5 Days @ $300.00, 7 Days @ $420.00, 7 Days x2 Cleansers @ $840


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