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B1 No Saturated Fat Fruit Chia Pudding


Almond yogurt  chia seed pudding layered with seasonal fruits like peaches, raspberries, and blueberries.

B4 Gluten Free Pumpkin Ginger Pancakes


B4 Gluten Free Pumpkin Ginger Pancakes and maple syrup.

B6 Mushroom Asparagus Cups


Eggless Mushroom Asparagus Cups

D1 Raw Carrot Cake Cups


Raw Carrot Cake Cups

D2 Cacao Pudding


Creamy chocolate avocado pudding layered with berries and cashew cream.

D3 Pumpkin Pie Parfait


D3 Pumpkin Pie  and cashew cream parfait.

Dr5 Asian Almond Butter


Almond Butter, Coconut Mylk, Agave, Sesame Oil, Rice Wine Vinegar, Coconut Aminos, Sea Salt, Cilantro, Chili Garlic Paste, Fresh Ginger

G1 Anti-Inflammatory Blast


Ingredients: Apple, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger

A sweet and sour profile that tastes like a gingery sour apple jolly rancher. The ginger and parsley work together to eliminate inflammation from the body.

G2 Heavy Metaller


Ingredients: Lit bit of Apple, Cucumber, Cilantro, Mint, Honey Melon, Spinach, Lime

This is an excellent juice for clearing heavy metals out of the body. The cilantro works as a chelator to move heavy metals out of the blood.

G3 Dr Oz Mean Green


Ingredients: Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger, Lemon.

One of our most popular green juice flavors.  Perfect for a post-workout beverage, this middle of the road juice, is veggie-focused, and slightly sweet. The celery in this juice replaces salts lost while sweating and hydrates the cells.

G4 Gallbladder Flush


Ingredients: Grapefruit, Apple, Pineapple, Spinach, Kale

When our gallbladders are out of balance, we get a build up of biliary sludge, and can have gallstones, making it difficult to digest fats.

G5 Flu-buster


Ingredients: Spinach, Cilantro, Parsley, Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger, Lemon, Garlic

This juice is perfect when you’re trying to beat a cold or a low grade infection.

G6 Salty Sweet and Bitter


Ingredients: celery, light apple, turmeric, lime

People are taking notice of the powerful benefits of low fruit juices because hydrate and repair the gut with ease.

G6a Dandelion Lemon Detox


G6a Dandelion Lemon Detox – cucumber, celery, dandelion, ginger, parsley, lemon, cilantro, mint, touch of pineapple