Free delivery for Organic Juice Cleanses over 3 days!
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How it Works to Order:

Production Days: Currently we only produce our menu items and cleanses 3 days a week on Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday. This mean’s most people begin their cleanse or meal program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Delivery: We currently offer over night delivery to LA and OC between 10pm and 7am.. When you purchase a cleanse over 3 days you will only be charged one delivery fee, All additional delivery feeds will be waved for cleanse orders over 3 days. Delivery fee’s very according to what region you live in in relationship to the distance the driver must drive from the shop.

Gate Codes: If your house is difficult to find, requires a gate code or is part of a gated community please let us know via your notes on your order. Also please let any necessary door men know Earthly Juices will be dropping off your Juices and that they should not call you to give us access. Currently all the orders are delivered between 10pm and 7am and if we can not access your porch we will not drop your order, it will be returned to the kitchen and redelivery that evening.

Pick-ups: There is no delivery charge for pick-up’s. We allow pick-ups in the evening from 7-9pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Longbeach location. To pick up simple select our address when checking out and we will automatically expect you from 7-9pm. If you can not make this delivery window give us a call or text to 310-404-6804 to see if we can accommodate a different pick up time.

Production Cut-Off: The kitchen stops taking orders Saturday, Monday, Wednesday at midnight for our Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday production. The kitchen crew greatly appreciate when people order a head of time and or set up a weekly subscription with our frequency tool (located next to each product in shopping cart.) If you miss the night before cut-off your order will automatically be scheduled for the next production.

Frequency Tool: Our website has the unique ability for you to set up your own week subscription. If you want your order to come every week you can check weekly when checking out under the frequency tab. You will have the ability to change your order up until midnight before the night of your delivery.

Gear Return : When you purchase a cleanse or a an order it includes glass jars and bags. Once you complete the cleanse please return to the site and set up a free Jar Return this helps us remain a green company. If you are getting another juice delivery from us there is no need to schedule a jar return simply put your jars on the porch for return.

Allergies and Medications: Next to each cleanse menu item we have included a box that allows your to share any food item you may be allergic to or would like excluded from your cleanse. All the allergies you mention will be removed from your order. As well as any food items that are contraindicated for any listed medications. For example clients that are on statins should not consume grapefruit juice.

Lost Orders and Refunds: If you have any issues with your order please contact us at: 310-404-6804 or email Check out our Refund Policy here.