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Earthly Juices FAQs

Who is Earthly Juices?

Earthly Juices creates organic juices, smoothies, salads, homemade soups, detox teas, and vegan meals to reset the gut and reverse digestive disorders. We bring the best organic foods from the farm to the table to super feed your body towards greater wellness. We do not take walk-in’s at our Long beach, Ca store front. All items must be pre-order over text phone or through our website.

What makes Earthly Juices different?

We are committed to providing the healthiest, most nutritious, and balanced detox juices and foods that will manifest greater health. Our products blend taste with nutrition and are natural, sustainable, organic and focused on increasing your lifeforce and gut mobility.

Where does Earthly Juices deliver?

Earthly Juices delivers in Los Angeles, and Orange County between 10 pm and 7 am on ice in a cooler bag right to your doorstep. We currently offer contactless over night delivery to LA and OC between 10pm and 7am. When you purchase a cleanse over 3 days you will only be charged one delivery fee. All additional delivery fees will be waved for all cleanse orders over 3 days. Delivery fee’s very according to what region you live in relationship to the distance the driver must drive from the shop ($10-$50).

How long do the juices Last?

Our cold press juices last between 4-5 days.
Our cold pressed smoothies last 3-4 days.
Our signature soups last up to 7 days.
Our salads and meals last 6-7 days.
Here is a good rule of thumb if the jar fizz’s or pops when it is opened it most lightly gone bad. Please don’t risk it just throw it away. Secondly, the key is to keep all our items cold until you drink them, due to their raw and unpasteurized nature they can easily ferment or go off if heated.

Does Earthly Juices use organic vegetables & ingredients?

Yes, Earthly Juices is dedicated to ensuring freshness and quality. We purchase organic & farmer’s market ingredients for each day’s production to maintain the freshness and pesticide free nature of our products.

Does Earthly Juices accommodate food allergies?

Earthly Juices provide flexibility for allergies. We provide a box next to each cleanse menu item. You can share any food item you are allergic to or want to remove from your product in that box. We will exclude all the allergies you mentioned from your order. If you are on medications, we can also remove food items that are contraindicated for your listed medicines as required.

How do you pack your Cold press juice cleanses?

We pack our freshly made juices on ice in cooler bags, within 12 hours of your scheduled pick-up or home delivery in reusable glass jars (please set up a jar return once you complete your cleanse this helps us stay green). It keeps juices fresh for up to 4-5 days. Also, we make sure the earth is cared for by limiting waste.

Will I get home delivery, or do I need to pick up the order?

Earthly Juices provide home delivery to make it convenient for people who can’t come and pick it up. However, the delivery fee ($10-50) is charged according to what region you live in. There is no delivery charge for orders that are picked up. The pick-up is allowed in the evening from 7 pm – 9 pm on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the Longbeach location. In order to make a pick up appointment please select earthly Hq as your delivery address. We currently offer overnight contactless delivery to LA and OC between 10pm and 7am.

What if I have a Guard or a Gate Code?

If your house is difficult to find, requires a gate code or is part of a gated community please let us know via your notes on your order. Also please let any necessary door men know Earthly Juices will be dropping off your Juices and that they should not call you to give us access. Currently all the orders are delivered between 10pm and 7am and if we can not access your porch we will not drop your order, it will be returned to the kitchen and redelivery that evening.

When should I place my order?

Presently, we only produce our menu items and juices three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Therefore, we stop taking orders at midnight on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday for our Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday production.

What if I want to cancel my weekly subscription?

If you want to pause your weekly subscription, cancel it on the night before your next delivery by midnight. It will remain paused until you start it again, if you have pre-paid for the month the system will keep the remainder on your books.

How does your Frequency Tool work?

Our website has the unique ability for you to set up your own weekly subscription. If you want your order to come every week you can check weekly when checking out under the frequency tab. You will have the ability to change your order up until midnight before the night of your delivery.

How do I return my Gear & Help Earthly Juices stay Green?

When you purchase a cleanse or an order it includes recycled glass jars and cooler bags. Once you complete the cleanse please return to the site and set up a free Jar Return – this helps us remain a green company. If you are getting another juice delivery from us there is no need to schedule a jar return simply put your jars on the porch for return the night before your delivery.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

Yes, of course. It would be great if you limit yourself to light exercise like daily walking, yoga, stretching, etc., while detoxifying.

Will I lose weight by taking Earthly Juices detox foods and drinks?

Our Organic Detox juices and eats are a great way to kick-start weight loss program. You can do a short 3-7 cleanse to reset the way you eat, get green juices delivered weekly to keep your body energized or eat from our vegan menu that literally melts the pounds off your body.

What are the benefits of Earthly Juices detox food & drinks?

Detox food & beverages can provide ample benefits. If you get our cold-press juice cleanses and weekly raw food, you can get benefits like:

  • Weight loss
  • Reset your digestive system
  • increase your energy
  • reduce in cholesterol levels
  • hydrate your colon
  • decreases chronic pain and inflammation
  • Kick IBS and constipation to the curb
  • no trans-fats
  • Improve your sleep quality

Why Choose Earthly Juices?

Our goal is to help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle by consuming our organic juices cleanses and vegan meal plans. We specialize in providing the best detox foods for weight loss meal plans in Los Angeles and Orange County delivered to your doorstep.

  • Our business has been helping people transform their relationship to food and their body health for just over a decade!
  • We use organic & farmer’s market ingredients in all our detox food and drinks that can be easily ordered through our website. Earthly Menu
  • We educate people on how to detox there own body with our

Provide Recipe Blogs and Video Tutorials through our Earthly Juices Detox Guide blogs written by our crew of wellness coaches and chefs.

What else does Earthly Juices offer?

We provide food coaching, culinary education, podcasts, guides, blogs, and recipes. One can get a brief overview of living an Earthly and healthy lifestyle. You can easily check out our detox blogs, podcasts, culinary education, food coaching, detox guide, and video tutorials recipes to add making good food and living juices to your active lifestyle.

Can I do a detox if I am breastfeeding or pregnant?

Detoxing is not advised while breastfeeding. However we find pregnant mothers often benefit from drinking raw juices during their pregnancy.

Do you have Earthly eats or juices for moms?

We know how Moms work 24/7, and they need meal plans the most to cover all their nutrition needs. We have created Mommy Maintenance, a perfect weekly juices for mom – a juice, smoothie, and salad plan to cover your daily nutrition needs, that leaves mom’s open to create a beautiful dinner for the family.

Lost Orders and Refunds?

If you have any issues with your order please contact us at: 310-404-6804 or email Check out our Refund Policy.

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