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Mommy Maintenance 3/4 A DAY


Help I’m running on empty taking care of everyone else first!

Our MOMMY MAINTENANCE is a daily juice, smoothie, and salad meal-plan that covers all your nutrition needs throughout the day up to 4 pm – freeing up your busy schedule to create a healthy dinner for your family.

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Are you a busy mom running around after your kids all day?

Do you want to shed the extra baby weight fast?

Are you working, driving, shopping and rushing to cook for your family but forgetting to feed yourself?

Are you surviving on kid snacks and coffee till you can cook a nice dinner?

If this is you then the MOMMY MAINTENANCE ¾ is the perfect weekly juice, smoothie, and salad plan for YOU.

We have created a daily juice regiment that will cover your daily nutrition needs. Mommy Maintenance Structure:

Daily structure:

  • 1/2 qrt Green Juice – for breakfast
  • 1/2 qrt protein – lunch
  • 1/2 qrt Red Juice – 2pm snack
  • 1 farm to table salad – 4pm Snack
  • Then you create a healthy dinner for your family to enjoy (Recipes, and e-books coming soon!)

Subscription Options:

Using our unique online subscription building tools, you can request delivery for 3, 5, 7 days a week at a time. Each order will have new and fresh daily options, maximized to avoid burnout or boring repetitive meals.



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