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Welcome to Earthly Juices!
a little story about us

Earthly Who?

Our mission at Earthly Juices is to hydrate humanity one juice at a time.

Earthly Juices is a farm-to-table juice cleanse company providing food coach supported fresh juice cleanses and detox food packages, available for delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our juice cleanses are a delight, not a diet! Your body will thank you for the abundance of organic raw and living ingredients found in our nutrient-dense beverages and detox foods.

In addition, Earthly Juices hosts a variety of fun farm-to-table events, on-line classes, health-based podcasts and custom health coaching programs that encourage our clients to slow down in order to learn how to live an Earthly Lifestyle. We want you to know how to shop, cook, grow, prepare – and of course – to enjoy truly good food as a part of an active lifestyle. Check out our Earthly Blog to listen, watch and learn from our crew of wellness coaches and chefs!

Meet the Founders

Detox Chef Jennifer Houst

Chef Jennifer Houst (Aka “Detox Jenny”) has been a California Fusion private chef for over 20 years. Her cuisine is inspired by fresh- off-the-vine Californian ingredients; truly gut-nourishing foods that hold the power to transform poor digestion and reinvigorate the body.

While she traveled the world as a private chef on luxury yachts for seven years, cooking for the elite, she ate a lot of rich food and worked extremely long hours. In fact, living such a demanding lifestyle led her to acquire adrenal fatigue, chronic back pain and IBS by the age of 33. Severe adrenal fatigue brought this whiz in the kitchen to her knees and ultimately required her to rethink her passion as a chef. Could working in the kitchen be too much for her now ailing body?

In 2010, with her desire to transform her poor health fresh in her sights, she headed to mount Shasta with her best friend from UC Berkeley (Ellie Lara) to embark on their very first juice cleanse. This 10-day cleanse would spark the creation of Earthly Juices and mark the beginning of “Detox Jenny’s” return to health. Over the next 10 years these BFFs would transform the health of over 15,000 people with their unique system of enzyme-rich living foods and juices that they developed into Earthly Juices’ cleanses.

Detox Jenny currently finds great pleasure in guiding people through superfood transformations and custom juice cleanses. Her latest passions include interviewing wholistic practitioners on her podcast, the Earthly Dish Radioshow, creating Superfood Recipe Videos, and Web Content for her followers to utilize in their own wellness transformations. She is the mother of a wonderful 3-year old boy named Ember who lights up her life.

Detox Counselor Ellie Lara

Detox Counselor Ellie Lara is a dedicated health and wellness professional with a background that includes a masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Depth Psychology from the Pacifica Institute. She cofounded Earthly Juices along with chef Jennifer Houst to transform humanity one healthy juice at a time.

With Ellie’s background in psychology and her own pursuit of health and wellness, she finds great enjoyment in working with people as a health educator, counselor, and food coach. Ellie’s focus is establishing the connection between what we eat and how we feel in our bodies. She believes strongly in the power of living juices and gut-nourishing foods as the simplest means for detoxifying the body, and thus, transforming the mind and spirit.

Ellie inspires others to live a powerful, positive, eco-aware lifestyle by demonstrating new healthy eating habits and by documenting her original superfood recipes in short videos and Instagram posts. Over the years, her outreach has gained a sizeable following. She is a mother of a beautiful 6-year girl named Lila, who is the love of her life. Her newest interest is educating women on the specific foods they should eat to balance hormones through crucial life-stages, such as pregnancy and menopause.

Our Detox Culinary Crew
Squeezing up Lifestyle Transformation
Chef & Wellness Coach Lizz
Chef & Wellness Coach Lizz

Chef Lizz Bommarito is currently the Executive Chef of Earthly Juices. Lizz switched to a vegan diet in 2004 and has worked in exclusively plant-based kitchens. Lizz has worked under many leading plant-based pioneers, and has extensive experience as an executive chef at yoga & wellness spaces, as well as notable cleanse subscription services. In these roles, Lizz focused on cleansing foods, raw foods, juicing, and working directly with farmers to bring people the most in-season, local plant foods.

Lizz has provided personal chef and nutrition consulting services for the last 8 years. In addition to vegan food expertise, she also specializes in adapting recipes to meet a variety of dietary needs, such as Gluten-Free, Vegan-Keto, Starch Solution, Nutritarian, Raw and Living Foods, and Low FODMAP.

Lizz has extensive knowledge of both culinary and medicinal herbs and leans toward a bold flavor palate. Drawing upon many international cuisines for inspiration, she spent time in Indonesia and Vietnam, learning traditional Buddhist cooking and healing remedies. In December 2019, Lizz earned a Masters of Arts Degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in Holistic Wellness Coaching. Today, she offers Health Coaching, in addition to personal chef services, to an ever-growing clientele

Juice Barista Paige Byrd
Juice Barista Paige Byrd

Paige Byrd has been with Earthly Juices the last 4 years and specializes in providing unique flavors for your palate’s pleasure and your body's health.
When he is not behind the juicer crafting amazing juices, he is singing his heart out as the lead singer in his band "The Captain's Son," which celebrates a following in the Long beach alternative rock music scene.

Chef Ava "The Inspired Chef"
Chef Ava "The Inspired Chef"

Chef Ava is the cohost of our podcast, the Earthly Dish Raidioshow. You will see her in many of our simple how-to recipe videos where she demonstrates her amazing detox and living-food recipes. She’s also a star detox coach and presents on our Zoom-based 30-day Lifestyle Transformation Challenges.

Chef Ava is a nurturer and natural beautifier at heart. Inspired by her family roots in hospitality and extravagant dinner parties, her love for food and community was born from an early age. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in art history, an associate’s degree in interior design, and a culinary degree in plant-based cuisine from the Mathew Kenny’s Culinary School.

Special Events Chef Joseph
Special Events Chef Joseph

Chef Joseph Waller is our farm-to-table catering & special community event chef. He also supports us in the kitchen when we are slammed with orders! He’s an old hand who brings his unique brand of raw and living food dishes to the table and is profoundly valued for teaching classes in our online Earthly Juices Culinary School.

Chef Joe began his culinary journey 25 years ago as a dishwasher at a fancy restaurant in Long Island NY. Inspired by his love of flavor and textures, he attended Johnson & Wales University, a world-renowned institute for developing culinary visionaries. Chef Joe earned a bachelor’s degree in the arts of Culinary Nutrition all the way back in 2001. Since 2005, he’s served up healthy gourmet eats as an executive chef in many raw and living foods LA-based restaurants. He’s also well known for catering special events and providing in-home private chefing to celebrities. If that’s not foodie enough, he once owned and operated his own very legendary food truck, the Banjara Bistro -- an Indian-French fusion nomadic crepary!

Chef Joe creates delicious earthly dishes that represent a fusion of traditional, macrobiotic cuisine, including Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese -- all with a tasty twist. His green gourmet dishes truly honor the plant-based, raw-living foods approach to detoxing the body!

Why cleanse with Earthly Juices?
Organic & Farmer's Market Ingredients
We purchase the day of each production which ensures freshness!
We have been in business for 10 years!
We have helped over 15,000 clients transform there health with our Organic Cleanses.
We Pack in re-usable glass jars!
This keep the juice fresh for up to 4-5 days and makes sure the earth is cared for by limiting waste.
All our Juices are made with a Cold Press Juicer
This ensures that they are enzyme active and alive when our customers drink them!
Flexibility for Allergies
We taylor our products to exclude your allergies and include your preferences.
Home Delivery
We deliver to your door-step if you live in LA or the OC

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