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FAQ’s of Cleansing

FAQ’s about Cleansing:

How do I know I need a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleanses can be beneficial to nearly everyone, from people struggling with disease to high-powered athletes interested in improved performance. Here’s why: we live in a place with a broken food system riddled with toxins like pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms, not to mention processed foods and carcinogenic fast food. All of that takes its toll on our digestive system. Even if you do your best, it’s incredibly difficult to avoid consuming or being exposed to toxins in our food and environment.

At Earthly Juices we understand the challenges from personal experience, and like you, we aren’t perfect eaters, and this is why we juice cleanse almost every season for 5-7 days. A juice cleanse gives your body a break from the beating it in gets from the stress and rush of life that causes us to often turn to the not-so-healthy, quick and easy poor food choices. Here are a couple questions to ask yourself if you are wondering whether a juice cleanse is right for you:

  • Do you wish you had more energy?
  • Do you have discomfort in your gut?
  • Do you suffer from constipation?
  • Do you feel tired in the afternoons?
  • Do you have trouble waking up without coffee?
  • Do you have less than 2 bowel movements per day?
  • Do you have an addiction to sugar?
  • Are you an athlete who wants to improve performance with cleaner nutrition?
  • Does your lifestyle require a lot of physical energy?
  • Are you looking for a vitality reset?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you should try a short juice cleanse. We make custom cleanses based on your goals. Whether you are looking for more energy, healing from disease, weight loss, or improving athletic performance, the raw and living nutrients from our fresh pressed juices can help improved your overall well being.

Will I feel sick during the cleanse? What are Detox Symptoms?

You may experience some brief detox symptoms while the body is actively detoxing your system. The juices or full of living enzymes that literally clear the digestive pipes. They are also full of dense bio- available nutrients that your immune system put to work to care and prepair your entire body.

  • Light and dull headaches sometimes occur on day on of the cleanse – they may that come on quickly and fade out with in an hour or two.
  • You may also experience extreme elation or temporary hyperactivity as your body puts this to use all the nutrients in the juices.
  • Temporary nauseousness is usually a sign that you need to release the bowels, sometimes when people have lots of stored acid in the body they will experience a firery release, after they have this release the body feels much better.
  • Sometimes unprocessed emotions rise up while cleansing the liver and the gall bladder – like anger and regret may surface – this is nothing to be afraid of we suggest you write out these emotions and then burn the paper to release them.

*Remember while you are cleansing you can always reach out to our food coaches and ask for support.

Will I be hungry during the cleanse?

Some cleansers are hungry and some are not. Hunger is a psychological reaction to having less food through out the day. If your hunger is unbearable during a fast program, do not be critical of yourself its totally ok to eat a small amount of non-sweet vegetables – like a whole cucumber with salt, or half an avocado while your are on a cleanse. Don’t worry you wont ruin the cleanse! Also if you are on a cleanse and experiencing hunger it is usually a sign that you are thirsty, and need to keep drink to flush the mobilized toxics that are being released by the juices out of the body.

Will I have Cravings?

Our clients have shared that they often crave toxic foods while cleansing. There is a big difference between hunger and craving. Cravings often come from addictive food patterns and when they arise on a cleanse it is an excellent opportunity to examine your memories attached to this particular craving. These memories often hold a belief about the food your craving. For example a craving for chocolate might be related to the good feeling you have when you ate it as a child and now your longing for that good feeling has been defined in your mind as the craving. Observing and examining your cravings while cleansing and the stories connected to them is a powerful practice. Again, we invite you to write about the feelings that are arising during your cleanse and burn this paper once you have released them.

I’m Hypoglycemic and feel like my blood sugar is fluctuating on the cleanse?

If you are hypoglycemic and your blood sugar is fluctuating you can maintain blood sugar by taking 2 tablets of spirulina every 4 hours to maintain your blood sugar. Most blood sugar issues are related to people being behind on there juice consumption – so do your best to drink all aal items provided for with in the day’s structure.

I’m Diabetic can I juice cleanse?

Yes! If you are diabetic and you want to cleanse let us know and we will create high veggie low glycemic juices and sugar free smoothies for you. We also recommend you supplement with 2 tablets of spiralina every 4 hours to maintain your blood sugar.

What results can I expect from a successful cleanse?

Your may experience all sorts of different result from a cleanse. Most people say they have more energy, clear skin, less brain fog, less bloating, weight loss, deeper sleep and more complete bowl movements. You can expect to feel lighter and energized.

How long do the results last? How often should I cleanse?

It all depends on your eating habits and the present state of your body. We would need more background on your current health and eating habits to give you a solid answer.

If you have good eating habits and work out regularly – basically you live a life in balance then the cleansing results could be permanent. We recommend that clients do a once a week juice fast to retain results and a 4 to 10 day cleanse every 3 months to achieve optimal health.

But if you are like many of our clients and you fall off the wagon and eat alot of processed food you maybe in need of additional cleanses to achieve solid results in the rejuvenation of your digestive track.

We personally fast on juice every Saturday and this keeps our bodies happy but we do our best not to eat any processed foods through out the week and to avoid chemical toxins found in body care and cleaning products.

We all feel better when our bodies run on pure foods and when we start to loose traction – get tired easily or feel low emotionally we do a cleanse and that amazing openness returns. This is part of the education we offer – we invite you to develop your inner awareness of what your body needs to be fully present and alive.