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Feb Detox Buddies – Couples Cleansing 20% Discount @Earthlyjuices

It’s that time of year where we take on a deep dive! Today is day 5 of 33 for couple – Mark Cole and Detox Jenny.

We would love if you and your favorite “detox buddy” would join us!

Check out our invite to cleanse video below!

Buy two cleanses and use the code “BETTER2GETHER” @ and save 20%.

Why you want to cleanse with a friend?

  • Motivation and accountability: Cleansing with a partner can provide motivation and accountability, making it more likely that you will stick to your plan and reach your goals.
  • Shared experience: Cleansing can be a challenging experience, but doing it together with a partner can make it more enjoyable and provide a sense of camaraderie.
  • Support system: Having a partner to cleanse with can provide emotional and practical support during the process.
  • Cost savings: Ordering a cleanse package for two people can often result in a discounted rate, providing an opportunity to save money while still getting the benefits of a cleanse.
  • Variety: Cleansing with a partner can provide the opportunity to try different juice combinations and flavors, making the experience more interesting and varied.
  • Bonding: Cleansing with a partner can be a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship, as you work together to achieve a shared goal.

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