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Earthly Meal Plans

I’m not ready to start a vegan meal-prep! Please feed me instead!

Do you find yourself wanting to embark on your vegan journey, in order to clean up your gut, and get your energy back on track? Our freshly prepared vegan meal plans are specialized to provide the best clean ingredients to bring you back to wellness. We have many options to choose from and can even provide customized meals for your taste preferences.

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#3 Squares A DAY


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#3 Square Meals a Day

Eliminate snacking and build your digestive juices with a clean, organic, vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply enjoy the fresh-prepared meals we make for you within a 6-8 hour window to maximize full nutrition value. Eating your meals within a 6-8 hour window will jump-start your body into ketosis for the remaining 16-18 hours of the day. Resting your digestive system for 16-18 hours a day is an excellent way to increase your metabolism, and lose weight naturally. Pick-up and delivery available*



Mommy Maintenance 3/4 A DAY

Help I’m running on empty taking care of everyone else first!

Our MOMMY MAINTENANCE is a daily juice, smoothie, and salad meal-plan that covers all your nutrition needs throughout the day up to 4 pm – freeing up your busy schedule to create a healthy dinner for your family.

Shrink Me! Weight Loss Meal Plan

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Shrink Me! I’m Ready to Meet the New Me Body & Soul!

The Shrink Me Living Meal Plan balances your day with a healthy, delicious, and fun combination of raw juices, detox teas, scrumptious salads, sweet snacks, and flavor-filled entrees – targeted to revamp your digestive system and flush your gut of the toxins that are prohibiting you from achieving your body goals.

  • Our farm-to-table menu is replete with life-sustaining organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds selected daily.
  • Earthly Juices organizes all your meals into an easy-to-follow schedule, optimized to reset your system and detox every organ in your body for maximum weight-loss success.
  • Every month we rotate our menu and are always adding new and delicious foods for you to enjoy. No boring meal-plans at Earthly Juices!
  • Finally get rid of those excess pounds that are slowing you down! Our Shrink Me Living Meal Plan is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox the digestive system, or simply get healthy from the inside out- which means getting gut healthy.