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Food Coaching

While you are juice cleansing we offer lite free food coaching & cleansing support. This is available to you when you register for your cleanse and just after via phone call or text to help you through the o – shit moments! Or the why did I do this I’m having terrible cravings or when you might question is this a normal detox symptom. In addition, our food coaches are here to be your accountability partner during your cleanse so you stay committed to completing it.

During a juice cleanse you have a unique opportunity to reset your edible habits. When you begin a cleanse this is the time to give up one edible habit that you know is harming your over all well being. We call this habit the “biggest offender”. During your juice cleanse we suggest you give up this harmful habit and replace it with a healthier habit when you end your cleanse.

For example:

Biggest Offender: Eating after 8pm.

I ask committed to give up eating after 8pm.”

New Habit: Take on eating more calories earlier in the day so you will be less likely to eat at night and feed the fungus inside you.

“I agree to eat the majority of my calories by 5pm and to no longer eat after 8pm whenever humanly possible.”

We believe each juice cleanse provides an opportunity for you to go deeper with in and examine your self-care habits. Each juice cleanse gives you the opportunity to expand you own ability for self-care into a new daily practice. While juice cleansing you will begin to appreciate the power of fasting on living foods and their ability to care and repair the body one delicious sip at a time.

Our Food Coaching programs are 100% customized to your individual circumstances.

  • Juice Cleansing
  • Plant-based Nutrition
  • Cultivating a Healing Kitchen with Earthly Juices Culinary Education over Zoom

Food Coaching is an amazing gift to give ourselves.

  • How often when you make a life change do you have someone available, just for you, to support you when you’re feeling weak?
  • To challenge you when you want to quit?
  • To offer tools as you climb to the next level of your health goals

For those interested in working on your relationship with food and your bodies over all health with our food coaches please set up a free 20 minute discovery call in which you will define some clear and measurable health goals.