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Z5 Weekend Warrior Cleanse


Super Food for Super Humans

Earthly’s most popular cleanse for high-octane athletes and strapping men or women over two hundred pounds! This cleanse includes detox tea, organic green and red juices plus 2 plant based protein smoothies.

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If you get hangry or avoid juicing because, well, your stomach growls like a hungry lion, you’ll love the Weekend Warrior Cleanse. It’s packed with twice the plant protein than our other cleanse programs. Don’t go hungry. Super feed your body with our most popular protein-rich package.

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Client Testimonials:

Photo of Mark W.

Mark W.

Long Beach, CA

“Earthly Juices is fantastic. I highly recommend their juices and smoothies. The Weekend warriors packages are the way to go. You will find the quality and quantity of the juice and smoothies will easily fill you up with energy and keep you going. Best tasting too!!

Photo of Mark A.


4 ratings2 reviews
The ladies at Earthly Juices are very kind, helpful, and understanding. I have major digestive problems and the weekend warrior cleanse made a significant difference. The juices for the cleanse are delicious. I highly recommend them.

Cris B.

Huntington Beach, CA

I have a few true athlete friends who have tried the “Weekend Warrior” cleanse and by stalking them through FB without asking them about it, they seemed to like it and I thought I would give it a try. Both of my friends are tremendous athletes and eat extremely healthy. So I was expecting perhaps a little more than they probably would due to the fact that I am not really an athlete, more of a weekend warrior, and while I eat rather well, I on occasionally indulge in foods that would not be considered mucho bueno for the body.

I was feeling pretty blah upon reading the posts of my friends so I decided to purchase the cleanse. I have to say the best thing I could’ve done for myself. It was the week of Oceanside Half IronMan and while I was a little hesitant, after thinking about how I usually eat the week of a race, I decided it was the best thing to do to clean myself out.

The juices and teas actually taste good. I have juiced before and never really could get it to taste like the pros despite trying very hard. I was able to work and workout the two days I did the cleanse and didn’t notice any loss of power or mental focus. I really did feel the power of the cleanse/detox. I followed the instructions and did use the nut smoothies as a meal after the workout, which I think is probably better if you’re working like I do followed by a work out. I wouldn’t recommend this the week of a race for weight loss or to get to race weight. I felt really good after the cleanse. I rationalized this cleanse race week because I very typically only eat vegetables (copious amounts), minimal fruit, and lean protein the first 3 days of the week to deplete glycogen stores in order to have the body suck glucose up a couple of days before the race.

The order process and delivery is quite the smooth transaction. I ordered and received a confirmation email with a follow-up email to ensure I did not have food allergies. I was then notified of the short window of time that they would be delivered. It was a very seamless process from beginning to end. The folks at Earthly Juices are very nice and the product is, well let’s just say I will be doing this cleanse again and recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you Earthly Juices!

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1 Day @ $70.00, 3 Days @ $210.00, 5 Days @ $350.00, 7 Days @ $490.00, 7 Days x 2 Cleansers @ $980.00


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