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Z4 Sugar Buster Candida Cleanse


It’s Time to Reset Your Sugar Dial

Say goodbye to the sugar high. Stop making sweet snack runs to the fridge. Truth is, too much sugar not only causes weight gain, but a whole slew of negative effects, like bad breath, bloating, flatulence, itchy skin, and brain fog.

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Do you suffer from bad breath, bloating, lots of gas, itchy skin, skinny poops, brain fog and endless sugar cravings after dark? Then this is the cleanse for u!

Daily Structure:

1 quart of Detox Tea: Drink 1/2 for Breakfast or 1/2 after Dinner

1 quart Green Juice: Drink in the Morning

1 quart Low Glycemic Smoothie: Drink for Lunch

1 Farm Salad : Eat in Afternoon

1/2 quart Soup: Enjoy for Dinner

1/2 qrt bed time salt flush: Drink at bedtime


Here are two simple tests to see if you have a candida over growth:

Test one: Do you crave sugar after 10 at night? If so do you eat sugar or candy late at night or maybe even all day long? If the answer is yes to either question then you are most likely feeding the fungus (aka candida) inside you. At night this fungus likes to multiple…it literally grows over night and the way that it does this is by creating sugar craving in you as it’s host!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! We call this late night eating the gremlin syndrome – if you eat after midnight you can expect you are not the only one eating inside of you!!!!!

Test two: When you wake up get a glass of water and spit in it…and leave it for 5 minutes…if you come back and the spit has long leggy strands this is the candida fungus is in action. Candida thrives in a dehydrated body so the greatest way to fight it is to limit the amount of sugar, gluten and grains that you eat because these foods dehydrate the colon.

Client Testimonials:

Jose Gaspar

3 months ago on Google Reviews
“If you struggle with dieting and bad eating habits, I highly recommend this place. It legit changed everything for me. I’ve been dealing with an intense digestive issue for years. I’ve been to many doctors and had every test imaginable and they were stumped. I walked into Earthly Juices on a whim and asked about their cleanses and Jenny asked me a bunch of questions about my issues and I walked out with a 7 day plan that has really regulated the issue. I’m done with the cleanse but not with the style of eating. I‘ll continue ordering here. The cleanse itself is cheaper than any other place I’ve been to (having done both, Nektar feels like a total rip-off now.)The best part was the new habits she encouraged. And she checked in via text and adjusted the meals to address the struggles. The meals themselves were so good. Easy to reheat. I hated the green juice on day one and by day 3 I was hooked. I’m going to continue with that daily moving forward. Which is easy because it’s affordable and convenient here. Just a great experience and everyone there is very warm and inviting. Highly recommended.

Alicia M.

Newport Beach, CA 9/4/2018 YELP Review

“I highly recommend Earthly Juices. I have done the 3 and 5 day sugar buster programs 6 times over the past few years. It is so easy to follow with everything labeled and it all taste delicious. Jennifer is very available to advise on which program is best for your needs. Delivery is well coordinated. Communication every step of the process is excellent. I have done it after vacations and during season changes to reset, it has been wonderful. I appreciate the TLC they put into their work, the passion translates to happiness! Happy gut, happy heart! OMG, I have to mention the salad dressing – so dang good! They are so generous, they even shared the recipe. Sign up and enjoy!”

Listen below to Detox Counselor Ellie Lara and Chef Jennifer Houst on our Podcast the Earthly Dish Radio Show: Episode #6 The Sugar Buster: Breaking Bad Habits with Acupuncturist and Reformed Sugar Addict Duane Law.

”Listen below as our hosts discus sugar addition and discover why is has power over you. Come learn about accessing the supplement and juicing information you need to begin to re-set your sugar dial! Learn some new tricks of the trade from our Guest Practitioner Acupuncturist and Food Coach Duane Law:


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1 Day @ $65.00, 3 Days @ $195.00, 5 Days @ $325.00, 7 Days @ $455.00, 7 Days x 2 Cleansers $910


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