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Episode #6 Earthly Dish Podcast: The Sugar Buster- Breaking Bad with Food Coach Duane Law


Listen as our hosts discus sugar addition and some of its root causes. Come learn about accessing the supplement information you need to begin to re-set your sugar dial! Learn some new tricks of the trade from our Guest Practitioner Acupuncturist and Food Coach Duane Law:

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The Sugar Buster Includes:
  • 2 detox teas (drink anytime)
  • 2 smoothies – one green and one pink(drink 1/3 for breakfast,lunch and dinner)
  • 2 low glycemic green juices (drink before 12 noon)
  • 2 colon sweeping salads (4pm Salads)
  • 2 Soups(1/2 quart for dinner)

When the sugar is left in the gut it creates an excellent environment for yeast and creepy crawlers to become active and alive. As the negative bacteria grows you loose your flow and your immune system starts to slow.

A short cleanse can sweep alot of the sugar out of the gut as well as the left over undigested foods that fungus and bacteria love to grow on. If you suffer from bad breath, bloating, lots of gas, ichy skin, skinny poops and brain fog candida is most likely to blame.

“Candida is a bacterial yeast that grows in the intestinal lining when we have undigested food in our system or we binge on sweet foods late at night.”

Here are two simple tests to see if you have a candida over growth:

Test one: Do you crave sugar after 10 at night? If so do you eat sugar or candy late at night? If the answer is yes then you are most likely feeding the candida fungus inside you. At night this fungus likes to multiple…it literally grows over night and the way that it does this is by creating craving in you it’s host to feed it sugar!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! We call this the gremlin syndrome – if you eat after midnight you can expect your not the only one eating!!!!!

Test two: When you wake up get a glass of water and spit in it…and leave it for 5 minutes…if you come back and the spit has long leggy strands this is the candida fungus in action. Candida thrives in a dehydrated body so the greatest way to fight it is to limit the amount of sugar, gluten and corn that you eat these foods dehydrate the colon. So let’s all stay hydrated.

We highly recommend you do this cleanse in conjunction with colonics. The more deeply you clean your colon the healthy your body will become. Also when you do a colonic the body is literally able to drink its weight in water….meaning that the tissues become super hydrated and candida does not have a chance to thrive.

Don’t be host to the fungus a mung-US!!!!