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Raw Veggie Burger Recipe by Dr. Janet Orion

Raw Veggie Burger, Served with Flax Cracker and Organic Fresh Basil Leaves.

Dr. Janet Orion, Raw Food Expert
Dr. Janet Orion, Raw Food Expert

This week I spent time with Dr. Janet Orion ( preparing Raw and Living foods in her green garden, in beautiful Santa Monica. Dr. Janet Orion is a Raw Food Expert, and she has so much to share when it comes to the art of creating outrageously delicious, elegant, and absolutely healthy food. We prepared a four course meal and one of the dishes, as you can see, is so easy and so amazingly delicious.

I will share with you how to make these amazing, healthy and simple living foods. Let’s begin with the “Raw Veggie Burger”.



(need: dehydrator and food processor)

2-3 long carrots

3-4 organic beets

1 cup of Raw Pecans

2 oz. small peeled shallot (or red onion)

1/8 cup of Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce)

1 1/2 tbl of organic Miso past (unpasteurized)

1 tbl of Braggs Liquid Aminos

1 tsp of Celtic Sea Salt

1/2 tsp of organic white pepper

In the food processor, add the chopped carrots and pulse for 3o seconds, then add the raw pecans and pulse for another 30-60 seconds until mixture is finely chopped. Add in the seasonings (Braggs, Celtic sea salt, nama shoyu, miso, and white pepper) and then pulse again.

Lastly add in the chopped beets and shallot. Mixture should be dense and finely integrated together.Almost finished, now grab an ice cream scooper and shape and make into 4 inch patties. The mixture should make about 12 patties.

Lay the patties on parchment paper and place in the dehydrator on 105 degrees, leave overnight (6-8 hours).

Serve on Flax Crackers and Basil Leaves!