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What Are Detox Symptoms?

What are Detox Symptoms?

Don’t Be Alarmed, these are normal symptoms of the detoxification process!

7 Day Juice Detox with Earthly Juices

As some our newer Earthly Juicers have experienced, when one drinks pure veggie, fruit, and Superfood juices, the body begins to react, often immediately!

Depending on your level of health and body’s toxicity, the symptoms can range from fleeting moments of giddiness, lightness of being, or on the other end of the spectrum, dizziness, nausea, and emotional upset. Again, don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. Through juicing, the body creates a response that a person may not be all too familiar with. At times, it can cause a little state of panic and/or an uncomfortable emotional response, to put up a defense. Your goal is to get past this point with awareness and intention.

There’s a possibility that you will find yourself asking, “What is happening to me?” and “Why do I feel so bad right now?”
The answer is quiet simple, your body has been storing toxins for longer than normal, and by drinking Raw and Living Juices, you’ve just turn on the release switch to signify that it is time to dump the toxic stored in your body. Great Job, you have initiated the process for the body to begin to detoxify itself!

Earthly Juices Wellness Team is here to help you with this process and assist your body with a variety of therapeutic body therapy treatments, delicious living juices, and healing organic Superfoods. As your body is working to bring back balance and by breaking down toxins from all internal systems (lymphatic, all body organs, stomach, and skin) you will begin to notice some symtpoms.

Honor your body during this time and let this process reach its end point. This process may result in some temporary uncomfortable feelings, ranging from nausea, irritability, emotional releases, heaviness, dizziness, gas, or frequent urination, or an immediate bowel movements. Stay calm and focused and allow yourself to experience these feelings as they truly are, remember they are only temporary. Essentially, this means that the juices are working!

Here are some symptoms that may occur while on the 7-Day Detox:

  1. Tiredness: Your body is busy at work, breaking down toxic materials, and figuring out how to quickly release and discard it. The toxins that are being moved out of the body creates a state of tiredness, or achiness. Energy is being diverted for cleaning up, and you may experience this effect immediately, or even a few days into the detox week. Honor your body’s response and continue to find ways to cope through therapeutic body treatments, massage, going to bed early, and drinking plenty to water and herbal infusions.
  1. Heaviness, dizziness, upset feelings, nausea, or even vomiting: Depending upon your body type and levels of toxins in the body, these are a few of the symptoms that can occur when you begin a Juice Fast. We suggest that you continue to consult with your Food Counselor and Body Therapist for assistance on how to move through these temporary symptoms.
  1. Emotional vulnerability: You may find that your levels of sensitivity have been increased. Sounds, sights, and smells will be more magnified. Now that you are committed to a form of self discipline for the duration of the 7 Day Juice Detox, this period may bring up old emotional patterns. Your usual response, or old emotional reaction, can become vulnerable, and you may find that you are easily triggered by situations for which you’ve had resistance. You are creating a new way to freedom, and this is also another part of your healing process. Honor this experience by finding exercises that will suit your feelings and responses to the situation. This will help you gain mastery over negative and unconscious patterns, while bringing you insightful understanding on your emotional vulnerability. Here are some recommended exercises: Holotropic Transformational Breath Work, Yoga, Tai-chi, singing, prayer, meditation, writing,drawing, painting, spending time with your family, pets, children, and nature.
  1. Tension: You may notice that you have a feelings for a strong need to chew on something solid. You may find that you need to satisfy your taste buds and yearn for the pleasure of having a sensual food substance in your mouth.This is a great opportunity to learn how to sublimate sensual desires, specifically taste. Focus on your homework assignments that will connect your pleasurable food memories, of taste, and make important emotional connections which can help you get to the root of why you chose to eat the things that are potentially (good or) bad for you.
  1. Cravings: First let’s clarify what a craving is and what it is not! A food craving is an intense urge and compelling desire to consume (eat or drink) a specific type of food. A craving is associated with feelings and memory of how that food made us feel, respond, and react. It is a highly charged urge that is often not connected to a rational thought and leads one to respond compulsively to satisfy this urge. Food Cravings are not associated with hunger! Hunger happens when the body creates hormonal reaction or by creating gases (due to the lack o food) to build up in the stomach, all by which signify to us that it is time to eat again! Cravings are their strongest when you are on a cleanse. How do you know when you are really hungry vs. experiencing a craving? It is a relief to know, that thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and emotional are going to be associated with your crave food. Part of this cleanse is to help you master those emotions. The food you crave is usually highly toxic, and will give you only short term satisfaction and have an expensive payoff that will compensate the body in order to break down. You will need to identify the food that you are craving. Remember, cravings also are stuck, old emotional patterns and they are connected to irrational, compulsive urges. During the cleanse it is one of your goals to identify these foods, share them with others in the group, and understand with expanded awareness how they may once have brought you relief, pleasure, comfort and that you are now re-learning new foods which will better serve you.
  1. Frequent urination or bowel movements: This is and important part of the detoxification process, of the physiological state, where the body is undergoing and removing toxic substances.The most common ways that these substances are removed are through urination and bowel movements. The frequency of release will be increased. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water, herbal infusions, and utilize the indicated body therapies and treatment which will help keep flow and energy continuous throughout the body.