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Wake-Up and Night-Night Tonics

Introducing two new Elixirs created by Chef Jennifer Houst in tandem with master formulator for health and wellness Joanne of SunstarOrganics to support your adrenals and your digestion… while balancing your Ph.Our Be-Well Elixir wakes you up so you can get off coffee that acidifies your body and our Sleep-Well formula helps you rest and rejuvenate your brain.

Wake Up Tonic Recipe: 16 oz.

3/4 cup apple juice

1 cup coconut water.

1/4 cup Aloe,

2 tbls lemon juice,

1 finger ginger,

1/2 finger turmeric juice,

1 tbl Sunstar Organics Essential Day B- Vitamin Formula

To create our new adrenal support day time elixir we have utilized Sunstar Organics Day formula which is a liquid Vitamin B formula that is balanced with all 22 amino acids necessary for proper digestion. We have also used Sunstar Organics MSM Formula to provide much needed sulfur to the body. MSM is amazing for regenerating the skin, hair and nails.


Night Night Tonic Recipe: 16 oz.

11/4 cup water,

1/2 Cup Aloe,

2 tbls lemon juice,

1 finger ginger,

1/2 finger fresh turmeric,

1 1/2 tbl CALM,

1/2 teaspoon MSM Flakes,

2 tbl Sunstar Organics Coral Calcium Night formula

The Coral Calcium Night Formula is really amazing for relaxing the body and providing the Essential Fatty Acids necessary for brain rejuvenation.