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Simple Solutions that Detox the Body

Detox Counselor Ellie Lara’s Top 20 activities for Detoxing The Body
  1. Exercise- 20 minutes on the rebounder daily, or 3o minutes of detox flow yoga series
  2. Elimination- Hydro-colon Therapy every other month and give up all processed and over-cooked foods
  3. Grow and Sprout Your Own Food! – wheatgrass, bean sprouting, and living probiotic teas
  4. Earthly Juices – 1 to 2 days of Juice Cleansing a week, with cold pressed living juices and raw food
  5. Breath Sessions – learn to open your inner bellows, breath with your spirit
  6. Infrared Sauna Session- sweat it out – La Paz Spa or Suite Sweat
  7. Pink Rock Salt Sauna, Body Scrubs -ISpa or Natura (Korean Spa)
  8. Silica Mineral Baths – Stewart Mineral Springs – Mount Shasta- Yeah!
  9. Food Coaching – setting goals about how to develop your Raw and Juicy lifestyle, Check out my page, Ellie Lara MFT
  10. Meditation – the integration of new habits starts now!
  11. Food and Supplement Kenesiology– learn which foods heal and which foods harm
  12. Nature – connection with the earth once or twice a week – hike, walk, picnic, kayak
  13. Painting with Laughter – making art as a form of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit
  14. Feed Ur Skin – Flax Seed Smoothies and Lymphatic Drainage Massages
  15. Sleep Before 9 pm – your liver and adrenal system will thank you & awake with the birds
  16. Yoga or Gyro-kinesis
  17. Laugh a lot, long, hard and unabashedly whenever possible
  18. Dance and Sing with friends
  19. Forgive with ease
  20. Love yourself and just Let GO !! !! !! !!! !!!! !!!! !!! !!!!


Ellie Lara MA, MFT Intern, is the co-founder of Earthly Juices and utilized her skills in emphatic somatic therapy to help her clients find balance and harmony through healing foods and developing positive self imaging.