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Shrink Me! Weight Loss Menu

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L6 Sweet And Sour Cabbage/Kale Quinoa Stir Fry Bowl


L6 Ginger Garlic Sweet And Sour Cabbage/Kale Quinoa Bowl – with mung bean egg and sautéed asparagus, complimented by a cashew tahini sauce. This high fiber dish is an excellent colon cleanser.


L6a Cauliflower steaks with Chimichurri sauce


Cauliflower steaks with Chimichurri sauce (parsley, oregano, mint, chile flakes, lime juice,& garlic) served with green pesto quinoa.

Mylk 3 Pumpkin, Pistachio, Spirulina


This Green mylk is the perfect compliment to Yve’s signature chai that she sells as part of The 40 day Green Cleanse. It contains pumpkin, pistachio, spirulina and a touch of stevia. THe idea is you warm your chai tea and then add a splash of this green mylk.

S3. Sweet and Sour Kale Salad


Macerated Kale Salad in lemon, ginger, garlic and agave dressing. Topped with sprouted nuts/seeds and sundried tomatoes.

S6. Cumin Brussel Sprouts


Cumin Brussel Sprouts with Spiced nuts over greens with chef’s dressing of the day.

S7. Green Salad with Green Salad Dressing


All Green Salad with Green Salad Dressing

Shrink Me! Weight Loss Meal Plan

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Shrink Me! I’m Ready to Meet the New Me Body & Soul!

The Shrink Me Living Meal Plan balances your day with a healthy, delicious, and fun combination of raw juices, detox teas, scrumptious salads, sweet snacks, and flavor-filled entrees – targeted to revamp your digestive system and flush your gut of the toxins that are prohibiting you from achieving your body goals.

  • Our farm-to-table menu is replete with life-sustaining organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds selected daily.
  • Earthly Juices organizes all your meals into an easy-to-follow schedule, optimized to reset your system and detox every organ in your body for maximum weight-loss success.
  • Every month we rotate our menu and are always adding new and delicious foods for you to enjoy. No boring meal-plans at Earthly Juices!
  • Finally get rid of those excess pounds that are slowing you down! Our Shrink Me Living Meal Plan is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox the digestive system, or simply get healthy from the inside out- which means getting gut healthy.


Smo 7a Green Smoothie


Parsley, Celery, Spinach, Avocado, Green Grapes, Honey Melon, Green Apple, & Chia. It is great for detoxing the liver and for cleansers on a low glycemic diet.

Smo 9a Peppermint Chip


Ingredients: avocado, chia, cacao nibs, peppermint extract, pumpkin seed milk, & spirulina,

You will deeply enjoy this healthy take on a peppermint patty mylk shake.

Snk 1 Spirulina Bites


Spirulina Bites: green raisins, cashews, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, psyllium, spirulina

Snk 4 Dehydrated Pistachio Cashew Kale Chips


Made with dehydrated kale chips, pistachio and pumpkin seed, green onion, lime, and herbs these chips are a healthy snack to live for.


Snk 7 Avocado Key-lime Pudding Cups


Lime, Avocado, zero Carb Monk Fruit Sweetener , Cashew Cream with a Golden Raisins and Cashew Crust

Soup 13 Irish Split Peas


Ingredients: Split Peas, Leek, Garlic, Fresh Dill, White Pepper, Cumin, Mustard Seeds, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

This is a thick vegan classic Irish split pea soup.

Soup 3 Vegan Pozole


Vegan Pozole: Cilantro, Poblanos, Garlic, Leek, Green Onion, Tomatillos, Hominy, Mushrooms, Zucchini and Pumpkin Seeds. Comes with a little side salad of radish, cabbage, cilantro and limes.

Soup 4 Asparagus, Brussel Sprout Leek – Fat Free


Asparagus, Brussel Sprout Leek Bisque – Fat Free

T3 Skin GLOW Tonic


Ingredients: spirulina, lime, ginger, aloe, spring water, agave

This tonic was created by the Inspired Chef Ava Malazian and it is amazing for making the skin GLOW. Surprisingly enough it tastes a lot like a living “Mountain Dew” with far less sugar. It is very refreshing during the summer on ice.