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Mylk 3 Pumpkin, Pistachio, Spirulina


This Green mylk is the perfect compliment to Yve’s signature chai that she sells as part of The 40 day Green Cleanse. It contains pumpkin, pistachio, spirulina and a touch of stevia. THe idea is you warm your chai tea and then add a splash of this green mylk.

S3. Sweet and Sour Kale Salad


Macerated Kale Salad in lemon, ginger, garlic and agave dressing. Topped with sprouted nuts/seeds and sundried tomatoes.

S6. Cumin Brussel Sprouts


Cumin Brussel Sprouts with Spiced nuts over greens with chef’s dressing of the day.

Smo 7a Dr. B’s Micro Green Sprout Smoothie


Dr’s Micro green Smoothie – Dr. B the author of Fiber as Fuel – brings us this amazing smoothie – it includes berries, almond butter, banana and micro greens grown by our local farmers!

Smo 9a Peppermint Chip


Ingredients: avocado, chia, cacao nibs, peppermint extract, pumpkin seed milk, & spirulina,

You will deeply enjoy this healthy take on a peppermint patty mylk shake.

Snk 1 Spirulina Bites


Spirulina Bites: green raisins, cashews, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, psyllium, spirulina

Snk 7 Avocado Key-lime Chia Pudding


Low Sugar Creamy Key lime chia pudding – Lime, Avocado, zero Carb Monk Fruit Sweetener, Chia and Cashew Cream

Soup 3 Vegan Pozole


Vegan Pozole: Cilantro, Poblanos, Garlic, Leek, Green Onion, Tomatillos, Hominy, Mushrooms, Zucchini and Pumpkin Seeds. Comes with a little side salad of radish, cabbage, cilantro and limes.

T3 Skin GLOW Tonic


Ingredients: spirulina, lime, ginger, aloe, spring water, agave

This tonic was created by the Inspired Chef Ava Malazian and it is amazing for making the skin GLOW. Surprisingly enough it tastes a lot like a living “Mountain Dew” with far less sugar. It is very refreshing during the summer on ice.

Tea 7 Lungs/congestion


Ingredients: spearmint, ginger, lemongrass, raspberry leaf, nettle

This tea aids in the support of lungs to expectorate thick mucus that can cause chronic coughing and respiratory distress. Our herbalist designed it to help those with lung weakness (asthma and chronic coughing) to begin to gently detox the lungs of viruses, molds, and bacteria.

Tea 8 Get Better Chia


Ingredients: ginger, turmeric, green cardamon, peppermint, oregano, fennel, clove, black pepper, comfrey, echinacea, & cinnamon

This tea is focused on clearing congestion from the lungs, sinus and gut. You can drink it at night instead of eating sugar at night and it will raise your digestive juices which in turn will improve your health. We like to add raw nut mylk to the hot tea and a touch of monk fruit for sweeter.