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MedFund Cleanses

Medicine Everyone Deserves, in partnership with Earthly Juices is proud to introduce a series of edible cleanses specially designed to replenish nutrients that are depleted during various forms of substance abuse.

During the cleanse you will sip your way to a clearer state of mind while rejuvenating the body one delicious and organic bite at a time. Each of our cleanses are organic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that have been crafted into delicious detox teas, living cold-press juices, brain food smoothies and digestive reboot vegan and gluten free eats. As you consume these detoxifying cleanse items your body will clear-out the toxic residues left with-in each organ by drugs and alcohol.

Each cleanse also includes – An Emergency Guided Meditation for Cravings: In this short guided meditation MedFund CEO Angela De Pietro will first ground and calm the central nervous system with breathing techniques and then she will retrain your brain to adopt positive coping skills that quell the cravings you’re experiencing. Additional Food Coaching or Sobriety/Moderation Coaching is also available upon request.

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Z9 Liver Reset Cleanse


Price Per Day

“Liver Reset” for Alcohol Repair and Self-Care

The Liver Reset Cleanse helps to rebuild nutritionally the damage caused by alcohol addiction. This cleanse is focused on providing enough sugar to cut alcohol cravings and balancing blood sugar naturally while flushing the kidneys and rebuilding the liver. It features super foods and nutrients such as folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

Z9a Super Feeder Cleanse


Price Per Day

“Super Feeder” Stimulant Detox Repair and Care

The Super Feeder helps to rebuild nutritionally the damage caused by stimulant addiction. The goal of this cleanse is to reestablish daily feeding and build trust between the body mind connection. Secondly, this cleanse is meant to get the bowel moving for proper elimination with out stimulants and to support the rebuilding of the nervous system. Featuring detox super foods, nutrients, vitamin D, L-phenylanine, L-tyrosine, and high protein, with high caloric components.