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How to Prepare for a 30-day Cleanse

30-day Juice Cleanse

1.Begin by setting an intention for your 30 day cleanse – 2 paragraphs.

2.Then take a brief assessment of the different parts of your life. Rate each area between 1 to 10 with how successful you feel in this arena. After the 30 day challenge we will revisit this exercise.

  • Creativity
  • Work
  • Family
  • Heart Based Relationships
  • Community
  • Planet Connection
  • Spiritually
  • Self

3. Create a Journal where you record your feelings and body changes.

  • Take your weight daily, and take measurements and a before picture if you wish.
  • Find a place to post and blog about your cleansing journey daily.
  • Record the amount of water you drink daily on a chart somewhere where you will see it such as in your bathroom or the visor of your car.
  • Exercise daily and record your experience of the activity. Integrate outward practice such as cardio and an inward practice for flow.
  • Meditate daily, preferably in a garden or natural setting.

See yourself as perfect in every way in your mind eye and ask your body to release what is holding you back.

4. Buddy Support -Find a DETOX BUDDY to complete the challenge with you.

5. Create a Daily Exercise Plan that includes inward and outward practice.

6. Create an Edible Strategy for yourself for the next 30 days. Begin with deciding on your specific Edible Guidelines. Decide what you are going to give up and how many days of juice cleansing you are going to do in the next 30 days and commit to this in writing.

Edible Guidelines Exercise

  • Describe your current edible patterns and share the foods you know make you ill or sluggish. Then examine why you still eat them in a short paragraph.
  • Decide what you want to take out of your diet. For example, if you have allergies to dairy, gluten, coffee or alcohol, or certain food make you feel pain, anger or hatred, consider removing them from your life for this cleanse. Figure out what you want to give up, and then commit to this and let go of the item for the next 30 days.
  • Assess what you are ready to take on. Do you want to go raw? Do you want to be vegan, vegetarian, egg eating vegetarian? Or you could simply give up sticky carbohydrates and animal protein, or fast food. Ask yourself if you are you ready to eliminate these items from your daily diet. If you have any known allergens like dairy, gluten, nuts and any fruits and vegetables, avoid them while cleansing.
  • Please decide to cut out all tobacco, coffee, and alcohol.
  • If you feel able, drop out all dairy and meat from your diet and try replacing protein sources with plant based proteins. Eat Beans and Seed Spread, Protein Smoothies! And Raw Desserts!!!
  • If you really want to speed up the cleansing process, drop out all the bread in your diet, and replace the bread with chard leaves, collards, and other lettuce wraps.
  • Eat Raw Oils(EFA) 2 tbls.
  • Drink enough water. If you are chronically dehydrated have ¼ tsp salt and juice of a lime with 16 oz. of water.
  • Don’t be a gremlin! No eating after dark if you are hungry, drink water.

What are your Edible Guidelines?

7. Find Community SUPPORT by sharing on your Facebook what you are eating daily and some of your new positive ideas about your transformation process.

8.Follow these rules of thumb while cleansing.

  • Drink Lots of Juice, tea and water daily.
  • Do not eat refined fats and refined carbohydrates in any form. For example sticky foods like bread, donuts, bagels, pasta, popcorn, and pastries.
  • Eat whole foods.Try to maintain a low sugar diet- eat sweets sparingly. No processed foods.
  • Eat lots of sprouted foods, living greens and herbs, sprouted nutmylk proteins, bean based spreads, raw desserts, a big rainbow salads every day!
  • Go light on animal protein. Yogurt is an excellent animal protein to include in your cleanse. Cultured foods like kefir should be part of your diet. If your are vegan, cultured coconut kefir is an excellent substitute.
  • Drink predigested foods and juices once or twice a day if possible, with fresh fruit and an avocado.
  • Eat vegetable carbo-hydrates like beets, bell peppers, yams, carrots, & celery.
  • Sprouted grain breads and gluten free breads should be eaten sparingly.
  • Eat and Juice lots of greens, raw or cooked.
  • Also as we head into summer add more watery foods like cantaloupes, honey melons, cucumbers, papaya to your salads.
  • The day before each cleanse eliminate all cooked foods, and eat five small meals.
  • Limit oil and salt while cleansing
  • Please don’t consume any stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, or coffee.

9. Find a Food Coach to keep you accountable. Call Chef Jen – if you need support – 310-404-6804

10.Love yourself no matter how you preform on your challenge and keep your eye on the prize – which is your transformation. See yourself as already at your goal.