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Welcome Earthling,

I am a mom, a yogi, and a production coordinator for almost a decade and doing all that is well exhausting. But, this year I turn 40 and I am personally on the journey of reinvesting in my own vitality and health by improving the food I eat and drink each day.

If you’ve never cleansed, or it’s been a while, choose a 3-day or 33-day cleanse, and get my in-network deal. Earthly juices does all the hard work. They get produce from local organic growers, and process and deliver on the same day. You get the freshest possible organic juice, smoothie, food, and don’t skip desserts. Your goodness is grab and go.

Earthly Juices currently delivers to L.A. and though out the O.C. I am so glad you decided to check out everything Earthly Juices has to offer. Look forward to seeing you looking as good as you feel!

One more thing, and it’s essential. Have any health concerns, special requests, modifications, or do you need help on what to order for your health needs? Call or Text Chef Jen (310) 404-6804 for a FREE 20 minute Health Wellness Consultation. Check out some of my favorite menu item’s at Earthly Juices, below!

Deliciously Yours, Vanessa

Current Earthly Specials:

Z1 Basic Juice Cleanse


For the Once-a-Week Juice Freak

This all-liquid cleanse is comprised of detox tea, raw juices, and super food smoothies that provide the necessary building blocks for your body and liver while expelling nasty impurities.


Z2 Green Warrior Liver Cleanse

(Based on 2 reviews)

Love Your Liver & Love Your Eco-Life

If you’re not ready to do an all-liquid juice cleanse then try our juice till dinner cleanse. The Green Warrior is ideal for beginning juicers because it balances your day with a healthy mix of raw juices, green smoothies and and solids. The cleanse consists of green juices and green smoothies during the day, then a light soup and salad for dinner – followed up by a probiotic superfood dessert smoothie.

Z4 Sugar Buster Candida Cleanse


It’s Time to Reset Your Sugar Dial

Say goodbye to the sugar high. Stop making sweet snack runs to the fridge. Truth is, too much sugar not only causes weight gain, but a whole slew of negative effects, like bad breath, bloating, flatulence, itchy skin, and brain fog.

Vanessa’s Favorite Items:

G8 Viva Chia Fresca


Ingredients: light pineapple, cucumber, chlorophyll, chia, apple, cilantro, lemon, touch of ginger

This tropical juice comes topped with sprouted chia seeds, which are excellent building blocks for digestive amino acids.

Mylk 1 Mushroom Immunity


Ingredients: Immunity Building Mushroom Blend, spices, banana, almond butter, hemp seed, dates and sprouted almond mylk.

This is the perfect mylk to pour into tea of over cereal. This creamy plant mylk is packed with adaptogens that wake up and enliven your mind.

R1 Swami


Ingredients: Carrot, Turmeric, and Pineapple. This is a sweet juice, with a subtle bitterness from the turmeric. We use pineapple with turmeric, because the vitamin C in the pineapple is a co-factor which increases the uptake of curcumin.