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Movement Monday’s – 45 minute Zoom Experience

1030-11:15 PST“Embodiment for Earthlings”

While you are cleansing with Earthly Juices we’d like to invite you to a complimentary weekly movement class over Zoom. Please register below to receive an invite. For those who aren’t cleansing, its $25 to attend a single class, $88 for a monthly subscription (every Monday).


Integrate mind-body presence and awareness and hone your intuition at a somatic level. Reconnect to your body to bolster strength, balance, alignment, and mobility so that you can truly experience holistic well-being.

In this weekly zoom experiences we will:

1.Practice being fully aware with in our bodies while moving.

2.Talk to our body with the language of inquiry through breath and movement.

3.Listen to how the body wants to move to open itself and release past trauma.

During the session, we use continuum dance movement to active a dialogue between your mind and body. This unique Earthling Embodiment Zoom experience is guided by Carra Ceaglio, a movement practitioner and Rasha quantum energy healer who’s been practicing the art of continuum dance flow for the last 17 years. Carra uses movement to to release trauma and chronic pain patterns from those struggling to heal.

The movement of the ocean, as well as the life-giving liquid within us connects our spirit to matter. Together, we will use relaxing and mediative dance to unwind and open our body’s inner spaces through movement.

Nourish your insatiable curiosity and continue to grow, expand, and thrive. Using cutting-edge science on biomechanics, biotensegrity, the neuromyofascial web, and the nervous system, we integrate our insatiable curiosity and growth mindset into all our classes.

Commitment to revolutionize and rise. The harmonious relationship and balancing of all parts: masculine to feminine, linear to wavy, thinking to feeling, strong to soft, sky to earth, mind to body, anterior to posterior, conscious to subconscious… life is constantly seeking equilibrium!

In this weekly zoom experience, we invite you to explore the true power of feeling and sensing through the body with inspired movement. Shared from our hearts to yours, we get nerdy in here and can’t wait to dance with you!

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