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30 Day Juice Cleanse


30 days $1500 – $50 a Day (3 DAY FLASH SALE – ENDS 3/18 @ MIDNIGHT)

Just not happy with your body shape and size consider doing a month juice cleanse and watch your shape transform.


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This delicious juicy/ food weight loss program is easy to do, all you have to do is drink, drink, drink all day and crunch for lunch/dinner your way to a slimmer, happier more loving you. This program also includes email and phone support provided by Chef Jen Houst for those “I want to cheat” moments. This 30 day cleanse includes delivery – 3 days a week.

Anyone of the Following Daily Structures is possible on our 30 day Cleanse:


Summer Slimmer

Green Warrior

Weekend Warrior

The Sugar Buster

Decide which daily cleanse structure is perfect for you and call Chef jen at (310)404-6804 before or after you purchase the 30 day cleanse above.

Please note deliveries are included.

Weekly Payments are available when purchased over the phone.


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