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Nourishrality Energy Balls Gift Box


Each Gift Box contains 2 sprouted superfood energy balls and 2 florets super bites. These will make excellent stalking stuffers!

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Why Nourishality is different?

Nourishality Nutrition Bars, Energy Balls, and Floret SuperBites wholesome ingredients are carefully selected to minimize the sugar rush and sugar crash rollercoaster effect, causing fatigue. The combination of using moderate amount of protein and healthy fats, and low amount of unprocessed natural sugar helps reduce this effect

Nakisa Nowroozi, PhD

Founder and Chef

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Inspired by the beautiful color in nature

Exotic superfruits, antioxidant vegetables, and powerful anti-inflammatory spices color our Energy Balls naturally and enrich their taste. The soft and smooth texture is very satisfying to the palate.

Made with activated and sprouted raw nuts & seeds, medicinal plants, powerful herbs and spices. Mildly sweetened with medjool dates and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.



Health is Beauty

These nutri-rich super bites enchant with various flower shapes and distinct flavors; firmly textured and somewhat denser than the rest of our products.

Made with raw sprouted nuts and seeds, sweetened with madjool dates and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.


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