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#3 Squares A DAY


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#3 Square Meals a Day

Eliminate snacking and build your digestive juices with a clean, organic, vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply enjoy the fresh-prepared meals we make for you within a 6-8 hour window to maximize full nutrition value. Eating your meals within a 6-8 hour window will jump-start your body into ketosis for the remaining 16-18 hours of the day. Resting your digestive system for 16-18 hours a day is an excellent way to increase your metabolism, and lose weight naturally. Pick-up and delivery available*



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Each vegan meal in our #3 Squares a Day Meal Plan is composed of 80% raw and 20% percent cooked ingredients. This ratio provides the body with the ruffage required to clean and flush the gut for a full detoxifying body cleanse. Our fresh farm to table ingredients are gathered daily, maximizing your daily protein intake from cooked plant based foods found in beans, seeds and nuts.

#3 Squares a Day Meal Plan Daily Structure:

1 Colon Sweep Green Entree: Breakfast

1 Colon Sweep Green Entree: Lunch

1 Colon Sweep Green Entree or Full Qrt Soup: Dinner

By purchasing consecutive days in a row, you can expect that the meals will rotate, providing you with extensive options from our revolving farm to table menu – created each month with seasonal veggies and fruits. If you would like specific items, or wish to avoid any particular ingredients, we will customize a meal plan just for you.

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