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The best way to consolidate your gains after a successful cleanse is to keep juicing! 

Pick any combination of our products and we’ll deliver them to your door 1,2,3 times a week if you wish (Sun, Tues and Thurs!) Below are two of are most popular weekly maintenance subscriptions.

Still not sure what items are right for you give one of our friendly food coaches a call to set up a weekly juice subscription. 


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Z7 Mommy Maintenance 3/4 A DAY

Our MOMMY MAINTENANCE  is a 3/4 a day pack that includes organic juice, a plant based smoothie with a simple salad.
Busy Mom’s  can juice till dinner and make a healt hy dinner with your family at night.

Z8 Dr.C’s Organic Green Juice Subscriptions


Immune Building Practice

6 – 1/2 quart assorted Green Juices delivered as a monthly subscription. You can receive 1,2,3 deliveries a week if you like having an organic green juice each morning to start your day.