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All our cleanses are available in 1-21 day packages. But if your feel inspired to do a 30-day Transformation click here.

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30 Day Juice Cleanse


Just not happy with your body shape and size consider doing a  month juice cleanse and watch your shape transform.


Green Warrior Meal Plan

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Not Ready To Cleanse Feed Me Green Instead 

The Green Warrior Meal Plan  alkalizes your system by flushing your liver with green fruits and veggies. If your not sure how to structure your day we have organized it into a daily meal plan that will slowly cleanse every organ in your body. If you’re not ready to do an all-liquid juice cleanse then try our new daily green meal plan. Green Meal Plan is ideal for beginning juice cleansers because it balances your day with a healthy mix of detox tea, raw juices, green smoothies, snacks, soups and even includes a green entree.

Z1 Basic Juice Cleanse


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For the Once-a-Week Juice Freak

This all-liquid cleanse is comprised of detox tea, raw juices, and super food smoothies that provide the necessary building blocks for your body and liver while expelling nasty impurities.


Z2 Green Warrior Liver Cleanse

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Love Your Liver & Love Your Eco-Life 

If you’re not ready to do an all-liquid juice cleanse then try our  juice till dinner cleanse. The Green Warrior is ideal for beginning juicers because it balances your day with a healthy mix of raw juices, green smoothies and and solids. The cleanse consists of green juices and green smoothies during the day, then a light soup and salad for dinner – followed up by a probiotic superfood dessert smoothie.

Z3 Summer Slimmer Cleanse


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Shape Your Beach Bod Like a Demi-God

Our Summer Slimmer Cleanse will transform your waste line with detox teas, plant mylk smoothies, living organic juices and delicious salads with seasonal vinaigrettes. 

Z4 Sugar Buster Candida Cleanse


Price Per Day

It’s Time to Reset Your Sugar Dial

Say goodbye to the sugar high. Stop making sweet snack runs to the fridge. Truth is, too much sugar not only causes weight gain, but a whole slew of negative effects, like bad breath, bloating, flatulence, itchy skin, brain fog… and well, you get it.

Z5 Weekend Warrior Cleanse


Price Per Day

Super Food for Super Humans

Earthly’s most popular cleanse for high-octane athletes and strapping men or women over two hundred pounds! This cleanse includes detox tea, organic green and red juices plus 2 plant based protein smoothies. 

Z6 Juic’n Souper Cleanse


Price Per Day

Being “Fiber Fueled” clears the Belly Bloat

Our Juic’n Soup Cleanse is a low protein and high fiber cleanse focused on detoxing excess protein from the bloodstream and removing undigested food from the gut. This cleanse includes detox teas, organic juices, two fiber rich salads and a full quart of soup.

Z6a Liver Reset Cleanse


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“Liver Reset” for Alcohol Repair and Self-Care

The Liver Reset Cleanse helps to rebuild nutritionally the damage caused by alcohol addiction. This cleanse is focused on providing enough sugar to cut alcohol cravings and balancing blood sugar naturally while flushing the kidneys and rebuilding the liver. It features super foods and nutrients such as folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

Z6b Super Feeder Cleanse


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“Super Feeder” Stimulant Detox Repair and Care

The Super Feeder helps to rebuild nutritionally the damage caused by stimulant addiction. The goal of this cleanse is to reestablish daily feeding and build trust between the body mind connection. Secondly, this cleanse is meant to get the bowel moving for proper elimination with out stimulants and to support the rebuilding of the nervous system. Featuring detox super foods, nutrients, vitamin D, L-phenylanine, L-tyrosine, and high protein, with high caloric components.

Z7 Mommy Maintenance 3/4 A DAY

Our MOMMY MAINTENANCE  is a 3/4 a day pack that includes organic juice, a plant based smoothie with a simple salad.
Busy Mom’s  can juice till dinner and make a healt hy dinner with your family at night.

Z8 Dr.C’s Organic Green Juice Subscriptions


Immune Building Practice

6 – 1/2 quart assorted Green Juices delivered as a monthly subscription. You can receive 1,2,3 deliveries a week if you like having an organic green juice each morning to start your day.